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Innovation and Expansion of Scandinavian Airlines During the Twentieth Century #i-TravelWorld
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Innovation and Expansion of Scandinavian Airlines During the Twentieth Century #i-TravelWorld

The time period just after the end of World War II was a prime time for new airlines to be born. Scandinavian Airlines is just one example. Scandinavian Airlines, as well as the other fledgling airlines, shared many common traits, among them strength and endurance. Not just anyone can be in charge of an airline and make it operate at a profit. It requires a hard-working, efficient, organized person. But what is often seen in the most successful airlines is the willingness to be daring and make bold moves. If you look at the history of Scandinavian Airlines you will see that this is a characteristic they displayed when they were the first airline in the world to deploy a route over the North Pole in 1954. By being creative with their pricing and allowing free transit to other destinations in Europe, this trans-polar route became extremely popular with vacationers in the 1950s. This report will endeavor to bring you more interesting information about Scandinavian Airlines.

The year 2006 yielded 42 billion Swedish Krona, or SEK for SAS. During 2006, SAS carried just over 25 million passengers to domestic and international destinations around the world. As far as the top 10 in Europe for 2006, the statistics put them at #9 on that list. A big portion of this success was attributed to smart mergers and acquisitions for SAS. Plus, they are a founding member of the Star Alliance Group which is an aviation consortium. The innovative strategy of joining forces with many other airlines over the last half century has paid off in a number of ways for SAS.

Scandinavian Airlines made another remarkable business move in 1997. Star Alliance is a group that was set up by airlines, together with United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa and Thai Airways.

This set-up of airlines around the world was part of a continuing plan which came together in the shape of the alliance. There was a major overhaul of the organization in 2001 which turned into Scandinavian Airlines ownership being split up between public ownership through, as well as possession by three Scandinavian countries. Denmark, Sweden and Norway are the three countries concerned with this. However the businesses shareholdings of public stocks remain at 50%.

Out of three countries, Denmark is one that has percentage possession to Scandinavian Airlines. The main region of flight operational responsibility is Copenhagen and various destinations in Europe.

More air paths include travel around Denmark and also a flight to Oslo, Norway. Although the total company employs well over 15,000 individuals, SAS in Denmark has fewer than 3,000 individuals employed. Because Sweden also has a portion of possession, the story is analogous to SAS Sweden. The areas of operation include flights throughout Sweden, as well as flights initiated Stockholm, Sweden to cities throughout Europe.

Scandinavian Airlines, or SAS, is an international airline with major hubs in Scandinavia and Europe. This is a fascinating illustration of a large airline which has ownership through public stock and is also co-owned by three separate countries. During the initial years of SAS, there was a revelation that innovating travel routes could prove to be a money-spinning maneuver. The airline had the ability to collect a large amount of public responsiveness when they made a courageous move to initiate new air routes.

Due to predictions by the management in the company, a huge part of their accomplishments took place because of their predictions of the future, during the late 1900s.

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Introducing Bangkok Airways, An Airline of Thailand #i-TravelWorld
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Source: Damion Munn @GoArticles

Introducing Bangkok Airways, An Airline of Thailand #i-TravelWorld

In recent years Thailand has become a popular vacation hotspot for families and business travelers alike and Bangkok Airlines has been the main transportation provider for many years to this location. There are a lot of reasons to visit Thailand regardless of where you are coming from, This airline has a great reputation for providing comfortable, courteous and safe service to passengers. In this article, we'll be looking at some of the features of Bangkok Airways that have contributed to its popularity.

Bangkok Airways has created a Boutique Airline campaign and a central part of this campaign is to ensure passenger comfort at all stages of their trip, including waiting times, which is why their passenger lounges are so well-designed. Every passenger has access to the kind of lounge that most airlines reserve for business or first class passengers, with no extra costs. When you are waiting in Bangkok Airways' lounges you will find that there is an area to entertain children, free beverages and snacks and even internet access. If you are flying long distance, there's nothing that can make your trip quite as pleasant as being able to relax in a great lounge.

Blue Ribbon Club Lounges are offered for frequent flyers as one of the best benefits. q These lounges make traveling as pleasant as you can imagine by offering meals, convenient meeting rooms and shower rooms for your convenience. Of course, Bangkok Airways goes out of its way to make even its regular lounges uniquely comfortable and service oriented, but the Blue Ribbon Club lounges take this to a whole new level.

Bangkok Airways has three airports of its own, but it also flies from Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Bangkok is of course the Capital of Thailand making it quite convenient as far as destinations go for people arriving in Thailand. On top of the many attractions Bangkok boasts, it's simple to return from Bangkok to just about anywhere within Thailand. If you need travel accommodations from the airport the Public Transportation Center offers, rental cars, taxi's buses even Limousines for your convenience.

This allows you to get anywhere you need to from the capital city. So once your Bangkok Airways flight has arrived it's pretty easy to take a shuttle to the Transportation Center and get wherever you might need to go. This article clearly shows that Bangkok Airways is rising to the top as one of Asia's best airlines. More and more travelers wish to visit Thailand and Southeast Asian countries, which is why the demand for good services to and within these areas has increased significantly, and Bangkok Airways is playing their part in meeting this demand. You need to investigate this airline further if you are planning to visit this part of the world, no matter why you are travelling.