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Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trips Melbourne, Australia #i-TravelWorld
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Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trips Melbourne, Australia #i-TravelWorld

The Blue Mountains area is a deeply incised sandstone tableland that encompasses 1.03 million hectares of eucalypt-dominated landscape just inland from Sydney, Australia’s largest city, in south-eastern Australia. It constitutes one of the largest and most intact tracts of protected bush land in Australia. It also supports an exceptional representation of the taxonomic, physiognomic and ecological diversity that eucalypts have developed: an outstanding illustration of the evolution of plant life. A number of rare and endemic taxa, including relict flora such as the Wollemi pine, also occur here. Ongoing research continues to reveal the rich scientific value of the area as more species are discovered,” says UNESCO in its list of World Heritage Sites. Well, if you’re travelling around the Australian mainland, this exotic tourist haven is not something you should miss.

Like most of Australia, the Blue Mountains is a vast area and as unique and extravagant it is, it demands a little more time and patience from you if you want to explore it in its true detail, observe how the life and legends of the area has thrived. We, at Last Minute Day Tours offer you the wide palette of incredible options that will let you explore the entire Blue Mountains area, one attraction at a time.

Last minute day tour packages to Blue Mountains area include visits to the Blue Mountains heritage site, the magnificent Three Sisters sand rock formation which according to an aboriginal legend are three sisters turned to stone, the famous echo point, the Blue Mountains National Park and Feather dale Wildlife Park, where you get to pat a koala and feed little kangaroos, Warandah Aboriginal Centre where you are made aware of the rich ethnic history of Australia’s native people through various cultural events and story-telling sessions. The tour packages take you out on a full-blow adventure into a world of nature, so hoarded in antiquity that it will really open your eyes to the teeming life inside the sprightly jungles of the Blue Mountains area.

Blue Mountains Day Tours and Trips packages also include a tour to the breathtaking natural wonders of the Jenolan Caves, the oldest-known, open cave system in the world travelling via the stunning scenery of the Cliff Drive. Usually you get to return from your trip on a cruise back to Sydney Harbour in style. Our Blue Mountains day tours and trips include an on-the-house lunch and tea breaks, and tickets to visit the wildlife park.

Source: Last Minute Day Tours
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